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The role of HR leaders in fighting cyberattacks

The mindset of an organisation’s HR team can set the culture for the entire organisation. Disengaged employees are an attractive target for cybercriminals to exploit. Therefore, the onus is on HR leaders to take their organisation’s security seriously and work with the necessary business and technology teams to set the […]

What are the 4 workforce indicators institutional investors want to see most?

What are the 4 workforce metrics investors want to see most?

While ASX listed companies report a range of workforce metrics to investors, the four most important indicators which assist them with investment-making decisions are employee engagement, voluntary turnover, employee training and the percentage of women in the leadership team. Research into ESG reporting among Australia’s top listed 200 companies found […]

5 key steps to a successful diversity program

5 key steps to implementing a successful diversity program

HR leaders play a very sensitive, strategic and balancing role in diversity and inclusion in the workplace, writes Purnima Nandy Workplaces today can be characteristically described as cultural melting pots where facets of cultural diversity and inclusion must be incorporated effectively for businesses to run successfully. Quite often, however, the diversity […]