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5 key steps to a successful diversity program

5 key steps to implementing a successful diversity program

HR leaders play a very sensitive, strategic and balancing role in diversity and inclusion in the workplace, writes Purnima Nandy Workplaces today can be characteristically described as cultural melting pots where facets of cultural diversity and inclusion must be incorporated effectively for businesses to run successfully. Quite often, however, the diversity […]

Training and development needs to be more than just workshops delivering death by PowerPoint, with very limited effect back on the job

3 ways learning and development programs come unstuck

Most organisations are not translating the theory into practice with L&D programs, and there are three notable areas where most companies commonly fail in this area, according to an L&D expert. The first challenge of learning and development is engaging participants before and after face-to-face learning, so learning can be highly […]

Rob Phipps, chief people officer for KFC SOPAC, says the business actively aims to boost customer engagement through frontline staff

How KFC builds its brand through engagement

Learning and development is like the “bread and butter” of KFC, according to its chief people officer for KFC SOPAC, Rob Phipps, who said that L&D has evolved within the organisation to play an important role in customer engagement through frontline staff. “If an employee is not trained, developed or […]