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Megan Forgus from Electrolux says building “collaboration capability” in HR is critical to adding commercial value

How HR drives cross-functional value at Electrolux

Building “collaboration capability” in HR is critical to the function’s ability to improve commercial effectiveness and drive cross-functional value, according to Megan Forgus, director – HR & organisational development for Electrolux. As part of a broader organisational shift within the global appliances group, she said HR has had the opportunity to move from […]

Human capital is unquestionably a key driver of long-term investment value in most companies today, and Halliday affirms that the collective quality of a workforce’s knowledge, skills and experience can play a major role in improving the performance of a company.

Driving investment value with HR

Short-termism is a common issue with investors, and both companies and shareholders need to understand and communicate drivers of long-term investment value. One thousand one hundred and twenty-seven factory workers were killed and approximately 2500 more were injured when the Rana Plaza building – an illegally built garment sweatshop – […]