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5 key steps to a successful diversity program

5 key steps to implementing a successful diversity program

HR leaders play a very sensitive, strategic and balancing role in diversity and inclusion in the workplace, writes Purnima Nandy Workplaces today can be characteristically described as cultural melting pots where facets of cultural diversity and inclusion must be incorporated effectively for businesses to run successfully. Quite often, however, the diversity […]

Diversity can have a significant organisational as well as financial impact

What’s the real ROI on diversity and inclusion?

The impact of diversity extends well beyond the HR function in business, and can have a significant organisational as well as financial impact, writes Aaron Green It’s a fact that HR professionals have known for a long time – diversity well and truly impacts a company’s bottom line. More than […]

What’s the one key to diversity success?

Organisations which are genuinely benefiting from diversity have at least one thing in common: they have recognised the unconscious bias that can lead to the recruitment, retention and promotion of a particular group, according to the Australian Human Rights Commission. “We know that some industries are better than others and […]

How to improve passion for diversity in 8 steps

There has been an evolution in how companies view diversity, which has gradually become less an issue of demographics – and more one of values, according to a recent research report There has also been a corresponding shift in how companies are responding to the issue, with a majority of […]