Why Tesla’s model X 100D is the next-generation SUV

Tesla Model X 100D

Tesla’s Model X SUV range is the safest, quickest and most capable sport utility vehicle in history, blending performance and utility with unique features including the falcon wing doors, canopy glass and an optional seven-seat configuration.

Tesla’s Model X SUV range has established itself as a very capable next-generation competitor in the premium SUV market. If you’re a white-collar professional looking for something that combines comfort, practicality and performance, it’s hard not to look at the Tesla Model X range. The Tesla Model X 100D is the mid-range option from Tesla (sitting between the entry-level Model X 75D and top end Model X P100D) and is a good balance between price (circa $167,000) and performance (0-100km/h acceleration time of 4.9 seconds).

There are plenty of reasons to like the Model X 100D. Tesla really is a generation ahead of SUV competitors in terms of the thinking, technology and engineering that goes into the Model X. A good example of this can be found in the Model X’s autopilot, which is an advanced driver assistance system, endorsed by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Autopilot is not a self-driving system that turns the Tesla into an autonomous vehicle, and if the driver takes their hands off the wheel for any length of the time the car gets a bit nervous and asks the driver to replace their hands. Eight external cameras, radar and 12 ultrasonic sensors all work together to provide for an intuitive and remarkably impressive autopilot system – which is certainly the best on the market in any car at the moment.

“Tesla really is a generation ahead of SUV competitors in terms of the thinking, technology and engineering that goes into the Model X”

Another fine example of Tesla’s forward-thinking approach to the Model X can be found in the design department – both inside and out. It comes with falcon wing doors which provide passengers with an impressive yet practical means of entering and exiting the vehicle. With less space needed to open than the sliding door of a minivan, the double hinged doors make loading a child in the backseat in tight parking spaces simple. The doors also open and close automatically as the driver approaches or exits Model X for additional convenience.  The Model X is a superlative example of form meets function, and with an active spoiler that automatically adjusts for maximum efficiency, the Model X has the lowest drag coefficient of any SUV.

On the inside, there are plenty of impressive touches, from the massive display screen which acts as the control interface between driver and car, through to the HEPA filter system that provides medical-grade air – making the Model X the world’s cleanest SUV on the inside. Another very noticeable feature is the panoramic windshield, which stretches up and over the two front seats, allowing passengers to experience a very open and expansive view of both road and sky. There is also plenty of space available, with three rows of seats (the Model X is available as a 5, 6 or 7-seater), rear and front trunk (no petrol engine to take up space under the hood), room under the second-row seats, side pockets and a blind holster for mobile phone.

“Because of their electric design, Tesla cars are approximately 10 times less likely to experience a fire than a petrol car”

Another area in which the Tesla Model X 100D excels is safety, and it excels by a significant margin. Tesla vehicles are engineered to be the safest cars in the world and have a unique combination of passive and active safety features to protect both driver and passengers. The Model X has achieved a perfect 5-star safety rating in every category and subcategory. A primary safety benefit of all Tesla cars, compared with petrol-powered vehicles, comes from the all-electric vehicle architecture and powertrain design.

Battery packs are mounted beneath the floor of the vehicle, creating a very low centre of gravity that dramatically reduces rollover risk. The pack is fortified to prevent intrusion into the cabin and, coupled with the car’s rigid passenger compartment, helps distribute crash forces away from occupants in the event of a crash. Every Tesla also has a superior front crumple zone that is optimised to absorb energy and crush more efficiently than most cars that have a petrol engine in the front. And, because of their electric design, Tesla cars are approximately 10 times less likely to experience a fire than a petrol car.

Tesla also improves the safety and functionality of its cars through over-the-air software updates (just like your smartphone) to regularly ensure that owners have the latest safety technology regardless of when they purchased their car. So, what’s not to like about the Model X P100D?