The Attacker’s Advantage, by Ram Charan

Attackers advantage by Ram CharanRRP: $32.99
Publisher: Public Affairs

The ability to deal with uncertainty is an important skill leaders must have to be successful in business today, and without this skill they risk becoming personally obsolete and leading their companies into the red. In The Attacker’s Advantage: Turning Uncertainty Into Breakthrough Opportunities, business guru and bestselling author Ram Charan explains what skills are needed to be able to identify what disruptive factors may be impacting an organisation, and what actions are necessary to take advantage of these changes. Rather than ignoring change – of which there is much more to come – Charan explains that there is significant upside offered by structural uncertainty. He is insightful, informed and eloquent in his understanding of these issues, and in his book he explains how to spot the catalysts of disruption, build organisational preparedness, develop a financial understanding of the consequences, and take advantage of forces that are creating new customer needs, market segments and ways to make money.