How HR can maximise ROI in SaaS talent management solutions

Visionary organisations in talent management are going to redefine how technology shapes HR’s impact on the business completely over the next few years through SaaS talent management solutions

Visionary organisations in talent management are going to redefine how technology shapes HR’s impact on the business completely over the next few years, according to an expert in the space.

“They are going to abandon the standalone solutions that were deployed with limited organisational impact: succession planning systems for a 5 per cent of the company and performance management software that just focus on recording annual reviews,” said Riges Younan, VP sales, Asia Pacific for SaaS based talent acquisition and talent management platform Avature.

“We’ll see these solutions expand into a much broader solution for internal mobility that impacts the entire organisation, that is transparent, motivational and agile.”

In learning, Younan predicted a radical change from tracking solutions to in-system training with a strong emphasis in social learning and organic knowledge distribution.

“The next generation talent management solutions are going to focus on broad company engagement, and will most probably be based on a social model – not too dissimilar to what is seen in the consumer internet.

“In the end, the suite is being replaced with a social platform that everybody is part of. And of course, accessibility from any device will be the norm.”

SaaS talent management challenges & solutions
Historically, and due to their rigidity, Younan said legacy systems – as well as some first generation SaaS – forced customers into a one-size-fits-all model, dictating the way processes could be executed.

With second generation, top SaaS solutions, he said there is a much higher level of flexibility. “My advice here is to work hard on mapping future state processes without worrying about technology restrictions,” said Younan.

“This empowers innovation and creativity and also reduces the risk and pressure of the implementation process: if you didn’t get it 100 per cent right or if the circumstances unexpectedly changed, you can adjust your configurations while in production mode.”

Another challenge can be scalability and configurability, according to Younan, who said that global enterprises should choose a solution that allows multiple processes to be set up for different countries or business lines, in multiple languages, with the right data segmentation and security to comply with the various regulatory requirements.

In Asia Pacific, he said this is a key consideration given the language requirements and the unique regulations of countries like Australia, China, Korea and Singapore.

“Lastly, I would also recommend you have the right change management plan in place and that the plan includes communications at all stages of the project lifecycle,” he said.

“This strategy increases user adoption and end user satisfaction – which again is a major contributing factor to HR delivering on its role to align people with the business strategy and creating an engaged and productive workforce.”

Practical advice for HR
For HR to take a more proactive and informed position in the business through SaaS talent management solutions, Younan advised against getting trapped in SaaS solutions that are designed on the vendors’ view of how a business should work.

“It’s not possible for a vendor to know how you should run and optimise your talent management programs,” he said.

“Make sure your vendor is giving you the right tools and the best support so you can go through the discovery process that you need and are able to optimise your solution over time.”

HR should leverage the tools that SaaS delivers, and in particular real-time talent analytics to demonstrate how the HR strategy is driving revenue, lowering costs and reducing people risk by creating a productive and engaged workforce.

“These are the things that are important to your CEO – so deliver this insight and there is no doubt you’ll be sitting at the table,” said Younan.

For the full story on how HR can maximise their ROI on SaaS based talent management solutions, see the current issue of Inside HR magazine.