The Apple Watch Series 4: The latest in wearable technology

The Apple Watch Series 4

Apples newest take on its iconic smartwatch has all the improvements you expect plus some potentially game-changing features.

Smart watches are no longer a niche product worn exclusively by tech geeks and people with more money than they know how to spend.

Brushed off as a ‘fad’ by many it appears that the smartwatch has defied the expectations of its critics and has established itself as the leader in wearable tech.

Apples new Watch Series 4 is a bold remodelling of its signature brand that brought the idea of putting a touch screen on your wrist into the mainstream. In many ways, the series 4 stays true to its root and feels more and more like a baby iPhone.

Apple has increased the display size from 38mm to 40mm and added a better processor as well as a variety of new sensors. Whilst still managing to squeeze it down into a casing that is 0.7mm thinner than its predecessor.

The increase in screen size is a welcome addition and makes the usability of applications ever faster and easier on the eyes.

With the price starting from $599 the new Apple watch stays consistently competitive with the high end of the smartwatch market. It is still one of the best smartwatches if not the best on the market for anyone looking to get into wearable tech or upgrade from their ageing devices.

Special features
For sceptics such as myself who are unsure as to whether or not smartwatches actually have any real utility, the Apple Series 4 may just have a smoking gun that finally gives smartwatches a potentially game-changing use.

The watch comes pre-installed with a variety of new health features that reveal apples ambitious pathway for their technology to become disruptors in health and aged care.

There is a sensor that detects when the user falls and alerts authorities within 60 seconds if they do not get back up. For many people with older relatives that they wish to monitor them from afar this is has the potential to be a life saving device.

The watch will also feature new ECG functions that will be able to detect atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat that can be fatal.

For now, however, these features remain under top secrecy and it does not look like they will be available to consumers immediately upon release.

What we do know for sure is that the series 4 pays for its added size and usability with a reduced battery life. Regardless of this it remains the top pick for anyone looking to get a smartwatch.

Whether it ultimately becomes the new generation of nanny tech we will have to wait and see.